Year: 2015
Genre: Crime
Locations: Munich
Script: Rainer Berg / Jens Jendrich
Director: Peter Strauch
Camera: Felix Poplawsky
Cutter: Marco Pav D’Auria
Music: Helmut Zerlett

High Society Murder XIV


Millionaire businessman Dr. Bernard Eichner lies dead in his home, and all clues point to the victim’s daughter being the killer. Not only is Anne Eichner the sole heir to the family’s lucrative business empire, but she had always blamed her father for her mother’s suicide. When the murder weapon is found in Anne’s handbag, the police consider the case closed.

Psychiatrist Dr Wendelin Winter and his daughter Alexandra aren’t so sure. Not only does Anne’s boyfriend swear that she was with him all night, but Wendelin has a personal and tragic connection to the family: when Anne’s mother committed suicide, Wendelin was her psychiatrist. Tormented, he believes he could have done more to help. He won’t make the same mistake again.

But Anne has a secret: she can’t remember anything about the night of the murder. Her longstanding addiction to prescription drugs has left her with partial amnesia. When her boyfriend suddenly admits the alibi was a lie, Wendelin and Alexandra have a real puzzle on their hands: how do you prove someone’s innocence when even the suspect isn’t sure they aren’t the killer?

Editorial Department: Birgit Titze / ARD Degeto



Fritz Wepper

Wendelin Winter

Prod. Manager

Steffen Malzacher

Sophie Wepper

Alexandra Winter


Max Vornehm

Wayne Carpendale

Donald "Don" Becker

Set designer

Hermann Klein

Sinja Dieks

Anna Eichner


Carola Raum

Jacob Matschenz

Oliver Kaspari

Make up

Ruth Ute Wagner /
Iris Müller