Year: 2015
Genre: Crime
Locations: Munich

Dirk Kämper,

Lars Montag

Director: Lars Montag
Camera: Wolf Siegelmann
Cutter: Marc Schubert
Music: Stephan Massimo

High Society Murder XIII


It's quite difficult for psychiatrist Dr. Wendelin Winter to turn down a singe one of his daughters wishes.

This time, Alexandra wants to interview allegedly serial-killer Gerd Grantizka for her blog, so he is willing to accompany her to the closed psychiatric ward.

Since he did an expertise on the serial-killer, her godfahter (arrogant forensic psychiatrist Karoschek)is viewed with great respect. Nevertheless even he is giving his approval for the interview, but

Alexandra gets cold feet at the last moment, and so Winter is going to have to face the man alone. Grantizka did confess countless atrocities, but his instinct tells Winter to doubt about the confessions.

Winter questions expert opinions and determination methods on Granitzka’s case and inconsistencies are discovered all over. There are even contradictions found in trial records of the responsible prosecutor.

Meanwhile young supreme Commissioner Don Becker is requested to a crime scene:

It has been found the corpse of a young boy, who has been missing for years. His superior (Bellmann) grabs the case, after discovering parallels to the crimes Granitzka is charged with.

With interfering to the investigations on Granitzka too much and approaching to the wrong people, Wendelin Winter finds himself caught in the closed psychiatric ward after a false expertise by Karoschek. Don and Alexandra try everything to set him free, but Winter has made up different plans: Maybe this is the exact right place to discover Grantizkas secrets …

Editorial Department: Birgit Titze/ARD Degeto



Fritz Wepper

Wendelin Winter

Prod. Manager

Steffen Malzacher 

Sophie Wepper

Alexandra Winter


Max Vornehm

Wayne Carpendale

Donald Becker

Set designer

Michaela Weniger

Felix Vörtler



Carola Raum

Norman Hacker


Make up

Nicole Axt,

Iris Müller