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Shooting Star: Hannah Hoekstra

Dienstag, 17.01.2017

Who is one of the ten most gifted young European performers? If it is up to the EFP-jury, it comes to Hannah Hoekstra, leading actress in our upcoming movie „Arthur & Claire" (WT).

Hannah Hoekstra - © Gwendolyn Keasberry

For the 20th time in a row, ten prominent young actors who come from across Europe are chosen by a jury of experts from a broad list of potential candidates, nominated by the member organisation of European Film Promotion.

Hannah Hoekstra has been nominated by the Dutch film Insitute EYE International for her leading role in the selected films The Fury (R: André van Duren), Hemel (R: Sascha Polak) and App (R: Bobby Boermans)


The Jury about Hoekstra:

  • "Sharp, precise, earthy and no-nonsense are exclamations that come to mind when encountering her work. With refined acting skills, Hannah exquisitely combines a fragile look with considerable strength.”


SHOOTING STARS is a unique pan-European initiative, which puts a spotlight on Europe’s best young actors. It helps put emerging new acting talent at the forefront fort he busy film and entertainment agenda which unfolds each year at the Berlin International Film Festival


During the four-day Shooting Star event in Berlin (February 10-13), Hannah and the nine other actors will be presented to the film industry, public and international press. They will take part in a tailormade program of profile-raising workshops and meetings with influential members of the International Casting Directors Network (ICDN), filmmakers and other important industry players, as well as interviews and photo-shoots with international media.