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Samstag, 31.08.2019 Wolfsfährte
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Samstag, 07.09.2019 Die Inselärztin IV - Die Entscheidung
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Samstag, 07.09.2019 Die Inselärztin III - Das Geheimnis
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Montag, 09.09.2019 Die Inselärztin III - Das Geheimnis
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Watch „PREGAU“ online!

Montag, 06.02.2017

You still haven’t seen "Pregau – A Town of Secrets” yet? No Problem! You can stream all four parts of our mini-series on ARD Media Center!

On first impression, nothing appears out of the ordinary in Pregau. But scratch the surface of this small Austrian town, and you’ll uncover a terrifying underbelly of lies, corruption and violence.
Police officer Hannes Bucher knows this. It’s why he has done all that he can to keep his head down and stay out of trouble. But when you’re married into the Hartmann family clan that unofficially controls the town, it doesn’t matter where you go, trouble will always find you.

1 - The Mistake

One night, after one momentary lapse in judgement, Hannes sparks a chain reaction of events that threatens to tear apart his family, and the once quiet world of Pregau. With the bodies starting to pile up around him, Hannes desperately tries to cover up his crimes, but finds himself spiralling deeper and deeper into trouble.

2 - The Lie

Soon, there is nowhere left to run and no-one left to trust. The more Hannes tries to conceal his crimes, the more he uncovers the extent of the Hartmanns’ criminal operation; from high-level corruption and coercion, to prostitution and human trafficking. The family control the town, and Hannes is beginning to realise just how far they will go to ensure it stays that way.

3 - The Threat
Actual it is for Hannes to give up, but as usual, it is easier to continue the lies, than to stop. The only witness – Gregor Hölzl – is still in a coma, but some of Pregau’s residents seem to get on the track of Hannes’ lies. Somebody already paid with this life for the truth.

4 - The Big Day
Gregor Hölzl, only witness who survived the night of the accident, comes out of coma. The situation is coming to a head and it seems as if there is no way out for Hannes. In a furious finale it all comes to an end in Pregau.